Packaging manufacturing

QP-K-B Horizontal packaging machine

The packaging machine is designed for high-speed packaging of piece products (waffles, candies, cookies, etc.) using the “flow-pack” method.

QP-K-B with drum feed conveyor

Horizontal packaging machine is designed for classic caramel packing as well as soft filled caramel packing.

QP-X-B Horizontal packaging machine

The equipment (this machine) is used for piece (single) and group packaging of bakery products (bread, loaf, buns, etc.).

QP-M-B Horizontal packaging machine

The transversal long-dwell sealing unit that ensures a long time

Automated packaging line

The line is designed to transport a product that is sensitive to external influences and prone to sticking to the infeed conveyor of the packaging machine with its further packing.

Automated packaging line with conveyor system

The line is designed to collect candies from the customer's main conveyor, redistribute their flow and automatically pack them using the flow-pack method.