Automatic line for production of cereal bars

    47. Линия батончиков 250 кг

The line is designed for a continuous confectionery mass layer forming, cutting it in accordance with the required dimensions, cut candies spacing, and their feeding to the chocolate coating machine.

The basic equipment of the line includes:

  • Dispenser of dry components which should be loaded into the mixer
  • Mixer (for mixing dry components with syrup)
  • Formation layer node
  • Cooling chamber
  • Slitting unit (mechanical)
  • Allocation conveyor
  • Cross cutting unit
  • Control system

Optional equipment:

  • Mixer for dry components
  • Belt and bucket conveyor for dry components feeding
  • Syrup dosing pump
  • Cooker for syrup
  • Storage container tank for syrup
  • Nougat layer formation node
  • Caramel layer formation node