Flow pack wrapper

Packing machine QP-K-*B QP-K-*B
Flow pack wrapper QP-K-*B is designed for high-speed packaging of piece products (waffles, chocolates, cookies, etc.) Multiple packing of small products is also possible (biscuits, waffles, etc.). All elements of the machine which are in contact with the product, are made ​​of stainless steel and materials permitted in the food industry.
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Packing machine QP-X-*B QP-X-*B
The horizontal packing machine QP-X-*B is used for one-piece and group packaging of bakery products (bread, loaf, buns, etc.). The machine is practical and easy to use. The conversion to a different dimension type of the product takes a few minutes. The machine covers a wide range of product sizes in width, length and height which allows to meetall requirements of any manufacturer of bakery products.
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Packing machine QP-M-1B QP-M-1B
The main feature of the horizontal packaging machine QP-M-1B is a cross sealing station with a long dwell sealing option that provides a firm adherence of the packaging material to the product and allows packaging of long product. The function of adjustment of contact time of the film with welded elements enables the use of films with barrier properties.
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